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CONVES is a fleet management solution that provides management of commercial motor vehicles. It also provides vehicle telematics information to fleet operator by utilizing the power of Big Data analytics and offering advisory information to fleet operator and driver.

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  • CONVES goal is to improve fleet and driver productivity, ensuring vehicle safety, vehicles compliance level and ultimately optimizing the fleet.
  • Captures real-time data about the vehicles, allowing fleet operator to track and monitor vehicles real time location.
  • With vehicle telematics data, the driver driving pattern can be established to provide advisory information to the driver on how to become a better driver, which benefits both the driver and also the company.
  • Monitor vehicle condition, fuel consumption and maintenance requirement, which would allow fleet operator to plan for preventive maintenance.
  • Notification on driver behavior scoring for coaching purposes and to introduce safe driving habits in drivers.
  • Comprehensive dashboard and reporting on vehicle utilizations, alerts, vehicle trips, and driver scoring.
  • Cost saving through business process automation.
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  1. Does the device come with a warranty?

    Yes, should there be any problem with the device, you can always contact our team. The warranty will cover the entire 12-months period.

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