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ACE is a platform that analyses customer’s experience and footfall within a physical premise and offers advices to enhance that experience.

With ACE, retailers are able to improve customer experience, sales and brand loyalty as the platform supports customised services, targeted advertising and visitor visibility.

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Product Description

Analytics of Customer Experience (Smart Retail) solution for getting insight into your customers experience.ACE is able to determine the customer frequency, staff efficiency, customer repeat rate, customer movement within the premise, customer emotion and interaction with the staff and promotional material and a lot more! ACE solution is built in a modular fashion so a premise owner can pick and choose the kind of insights that they are trying to derive.

It is an analytics and visualization engine that correlates data from various sources in order to understand the customer better. Better visibility about the customer allows the service owners to serve them better.






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Does the device come with a warranty?
  •  Yes, should there be any problem with the device, you can always contact our team. The warranty will cover the entire 12-months period.
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Will I received any order confirmation after placing an order?
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